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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Tonight we had family game night and played one of our new favorite games Munchkin. It took forever for Damon to explain the instructions. I was getting impatient because I was in a huge amount of pain. I went to dinner with the girls in my family we went to dinner and to our favorite shopping store Hobby Lobby. After this adventure my foot was in pain. Enough pain to call over the nurse and resident foot specialist in our neighborhood.

Thanks Southfield Medical Team - I really feel we have the best neighbors.

Speaking of Munchkins we have a new little addition of a munchkin in our family.

Tytan Dallas was born on Friday the 29th of January. He is so cute and Damon and I totally think he looks like his Mom.

May we all be grateful for the little munchkins in our lives.


Jessica said...

Sorry about the pain. I'm glad you have good neighbors to take care of you.

Cornett Family said...

I didn't know you like Munchkin! We have like 8 versions of it - we need to have you guys over for dinner and some munchkin fun soon! Let me know when you guys are free!

Christine said...

I love the conversation about decorating the downstairs. That sounds like one that I would have with Brad. I hope you're doing better!

The Wrights said...

Oh.. Thanks for posting about our little Tytan. He can't wait to meet his auntie and uncle! We love you!