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Sunday, January 29, 2012

15th Surgery

On Wed. last week, I woke up with a huge pain in my stomach.  At 2:00 am - I waited until 5:00 am to go to the ER.  I went to the ER and the doctors and everyone reported I had the stomach flu, made sense it was going around.  Wed. I still was not feeling good - 8:00 pm went to the ER again.  More tests, a CT Scan, heart monitors and more blood withdrawls.  Nothing came back nothing. 

Then I came home and I threw up...threw up for 3 days straight.  Finally told Damon, need to go to the ER Friday night.  I went to the ER....kidney failure....low heart beat....ICU admission.  Not again, I thought...back to the hospital.

ICU for three days....Surgery was prevented as much as possible...but in the end it had to happen.

You would think that I would be a pro at surgery.  I am not.  I get scared.  I hate not having control. 

My surgeon was great.  He talked to me and comforted my fears.  He told me that he was proud of me and all that I had endured. 

I am home now.  The hardest part was missing my Damon and little Grayson.  Now I have 40 new staples along my stomach with my stomach all cleared out.

May we all me proud of what we have endured.