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Friday, December 30, 2011


In the last three weeks of the end of December of 2011, I have had three friends die.  These friends were not stop by and say "hi" once in a while, but friends that had deep roots, in who I was and who I became.

Needless to say, I was not in the Christmas spirit.  However, I have had much time to reflect.  All three of these funerals, could have been mine.  I wonder if people would have come to my funeral and talked about how I was a good friend.  Or how I had humor to carry me through the hard times that life gave to me.  Or if I had a big heart, and tried to help all those around me, even if it was through a smile or a friendly Hello.

To all three of my friends, I simply say - "Thank You" - 
Thank you for making Jr. High - tolearable!  I can say he was a little crush.

Thank You - for always wanting me to come and visit and checking up and asking me about my life and always being intersted in what was going on.  For sharing the story of our adoption with your family and friends and saying it brought a little happiness to the little life you had left inside of you and for holding him in your heart, when your body and arms wouldn't allow you to.

Thank You - for cutting my bangs, you were the best! Now I have to find a new bang cutter.  Thank you for the breakfast and fast meals.  Even though I have to laugh because Damon and I still think we ate it with cat hair! But it added to the love and effort you went to.  Thank you for eating fried pickles and avocados.  Thank you for your heartfelt listening and advice talks.  Thank you for the heartfelt and touching letters of inspiration and cards you gave to us after the "accident."  I kept them in my hospital room, read and re-read them many times when I needed a lift.  Thank you for taking care of Damon - during that hard time, when everyone was focused on me, you were focused on him.  Thank you for the letter you wrote on our behalf for the adoption file.  At your funeral, a sweet man - stopped me when I was holding Grayson.  He said, "you don't know who I am, but I was a co-worker."  He told me how you put Grayson's picture up in your little work Pod and that you told everyone our story at work. 

Tears roll down my face, as I hoped to share many more memories with you and with Grayson. 

One wish, is that I took more pictures.  My camera goes with me everywhere now.  Pictures, hold memories and tie us with heartstrings...I believe.

I hope all of my friends are looking out for my Little Livi...that is in heaven.  Hold her close.  Tell her all about the crazy things we did - okay maybe not all the things!

The thank you's are the roots....that connect me to you. 

May we all thank our friends.