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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time & Pieces

I recently spent time with my sorority family. Yes I call them family because I believe with my hearts we are. There is a sorority mom Jean - who has the strength and life experience to listen with her heart and guide us along.

Then there are the sorority sisters that who knew when we would be 18/19 that we would still be friends when we have houses, careers and marriages and the best of all children. That is a long time to be friends with someone when you met you were figuring out who you are.

I think I am having a mid-life crisis because I know who I am.... Corrine....but do I know who I really am.

I think after having a traumatic experience as I did we try to put back the pieces and make sense of what happened. I am beginning to realize that maybe all the pieces wouldn't be put back together and I have to learn how to deal with this.

My sorority family helps me by realizing that as I blubber that pieces will come and go but the accident will forever impact me and those who know me . That maybe in all of this chaos we could find the puzzle for the pieces to fit together, by knowing that other lives are impacted and maybe changed for the better.

I hope that this is what good could come from the accident.

May we all put the pieces of our puzzle together and be thankful for those who help us find the pieces.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bagles & Owies

On Sunday we went to the M's for bagels. The M's are a wonderful family that I have known since I was in college and watching their kidlets. The kidlets are all grown up. One is graduating and going to college, one is jamming and doing well with grades and the other is a future olympic hockey player. The parents are awesome and when, I think of heroes....I think of them.

Most people think of heroes as the cape wearing, roadster driving and magicians escaping fire with no injuries. Well these parents one has devoted time and energy and her heart to helping children with disabilities while being a great Mom and the Dad he is an awesome stay at home dad that is concerned with the welfare of the world and the amount of money spent per student here in the state of Utah.

These are heroes.

Now for the owie part - Damon was gently pulling of my sock to show the family my cool pins in my foot and ...guess what, my 4th toe pin came right out... oops. No big deal didn't even hurt. I called the ortho center and tomorrow at 11 I have an appt. because they are concerned about the joints. Oops. Here we go to tomorrow we will see what they say. The pin is really cool. It is long and the bottom is really sharp. I am saving it for my scrapbook. If you want to see it let me know!

May we all see with our hearts who are true heroes are.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five Alls

Yesterday was my parent's 34th wedding anniversary. Our family has been through a very crazy half of a year now going on 7 months after my horrific car accident. My parents wanted to celebrate all together. We my sister and my brother and their spouses minus little Kai Bear went to a restaurant in Foothill called the Five Alls.

It is called the Five Alls because it is a five course meal that has it's foundation in old English authentic dinner courses. My favorite part of the meal which is the first is : The pineapple/banana drink to clear the pallate.

It was great to be there and to have a new dinner experience. It was great to celebrate with my parents. They haven't always had to easy and have been through their struggles but still remain strong in their relationship.

The Five Alls are from the old English tradition relates to old English flags that flew out of the houses that represented the occupations of the homes. One of the five all's is "I pray for all."
I have seen this with my parent's in a variety of different ways and abundant during my accident and recovery.

May will pray for all in our own way.

Friday, February 4, 2011

9.9 on the Richter Scale

Here it goes...this is the conversation while my sister Sophie and I are at the U of U ortho center today for my checkup after my surgery.

AHHHHHHHHHHH - It was a 9.9 on the Richter Scale for sure. I think everyone there at the ortho center thought I was having a baby without an epidural or there was an earthquake solely
in my room. No one told me that I had stitches along the joints of my toes that the bone had to be shaved down to place the pins that go to the ends of my toes.

I have been through everything, one would think. I have survived having over 500 staples and stitches removed from without my body but today was the worst pain, I have felt in a long time.

Can you imagine having tiny 6 in total stitches along the middle joints of your toes, that are attached to the delicate nerve endings that have to be removed but in two weeks have become embedded into your skin.

I say never never again. I apologize to my sister for holding her hand so tight that we thought she would go into contractions and have her baby right there because of me.

To the nurse that tried to bribe me with a Diet Coke, like I was three, I say - Been through what I have survived and see how it feels to have someone touch you but it feels like fire all over because of all of the nerve damage that is in my foot.

To the medical assistant - yes I do have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was hit by a car going 65 miles head on and because of this every time I step into a doctor's office or clinic, I hope that there isn't going to be pain, but usually there is lots of pain and I just have to "tough up."

I have learned that unless you have walked a mile in my orthopedic boot - this is my 5th that I have had. Do not say anything to me when I am crying. Just simply hold my hand - that will suffice....I promise I will not pass out.

May we all hold each other's hands.