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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Five Alls

Yesterday was my parent's 34th wedding anniversary. Our family has been through a very crazy half of a year now going on 7 months after my horrific car accident. My parents wanted to celebrate all together. We my sister and my brother and their spouses minus little Kai Bear went to a restaurant in Foothill called the Five Alls.

It is called the Five Alls because it is a five course meal that has it's foundation in old English authentic dinner courses. My favorite part of the meal which is the first is : The pineapple/banana drink to clear the pallate.

It was great to be there and to have a new dinner experience. It was great to celebrate with my parents. They haven't always had to easy and have been through their struggles but still remain strong in their relationship.

The Five Alls are from the old English tradition relates to old English flags that flew out of the houses that represented the occupations of the homes. One of the five all's is "I pray for all."
I have seen this with my parent's in a variety of different ways and abundant during my accident and recovery.

May will pray for all in our own way.

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