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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time & Pieces

I recently spent time with my sorority family. Yes I call them family because I believe with my hearts we are. There is a sorority mom Jean - who has the strength and life experience to listen with her heart and guide us along.

Then there are the sorority sisters that who knew when we would be 18/19 that we would still be friends when we have houses, careers and marriages and the best of all children. That is a long time to be friends with someone when you met you were figuring out who you are.

I think I am having a mid-life crisis because I know who I am.... Corrine....but do I know who I really am.

I think after having a traumatic experience as I did we try to put back the pieces and make sense of what happened. I am beginning to realize that maybe all the pieces wouldn't be put back together and I have to learn how to deal with this.

My sorority family helps me by realizing that as I blubber that pieces will come and go but the accident will forever impact me and those who know me . That maybe in all of this chaos we could find the puzzle for the pieces to fit together, by knowing that other lives are impacted and maybe changed for the better.

I hope that this is what good could come from the accident.

May we all put the pieces of our puzzle together and be thankful for those who help us find the pieces.


Caitlin said...

I agree about the puzzle pieces, only later does it start to make sense. I'm erin's friend who does the paintings. I just wanted to give you my email and let you know I'd be happy to talk about ideas if you want to. Your blog is inspiring, and I wish you the best of luck.

Adrienne said...

Love you, Corrine. I am a better person because I know you. Thanks for trusting us enough to open your heart and hurt to us. I wish I could take it away. -Adrienne

Kayla said...

Corrine, my cousin! I love you!!! Seriously you should write a book! Cuz so many people would buy it and learn from it! I've learned so much from you! Just through everything, and getting to hang out with you is so much fun! I love you so much and I'm always here for a chat. :)
Love you!
Love, Kayla