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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have a dear friend Lori. When Damon and I bought our house, she was the first to come over and introduce herself and she was so nice and welcoming. She had her baby Lilly 3 months before our little Livi was suppose to come. I felt a strong connection to her and her family.
After our accident, bless her heart. She brought us food. Her husband spent many hours working on our yard. She cried with me and held my hand at Livi's funeral and supported me through the darkest and hardest hours of my life.
In February she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I visited her at the hospital. We cried together over scars, body image, pain and everything else that comes from having both survived traumatic surgeries and having to deal with cards that we never thought we would be dealt.
She is my hero. She is beautiful with her bald head. She is beautiful in everywhere from her heart to her smile that lights up the room.
She needs our help. She is a mother of five. Due to all of the medical bills as you can expect she is struggling. She has completed her fifth round of chemo and on August 27th we are going to celebrate and raise money for her.
I know I have a lot of family and friends out there that read my blog. Please keep her in your prayers. If you want to help out on August 27th or have something to donate for her silent auction. - Get a hold of me!!!!
May we all be each other's angels ....any way we can!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Haa Haa Haa

Damon and I have had one crazy week. We have lots of little projects going on. With me returning back to work it is hard to get everything back into a routine and schedule. Damon loves Shrek. He was very excited to show me mailing labels that he bought. I looked at them and looked at them. I couldn't believe the city name. Haa Haa - I almost pee'd my panties!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Super 8

Damon & I along with awesome friends A&C. Went and saw the movie Super 8. It is the kind of movie I hate. I think my sister-in-law SiSi told us not to see it. She didn't like it either. However I try to find something in everything to relate life and what is going on around me.
The movie plot: Train crash and alot of other things... I won't give it away. A lot of it too close to home for comfort for me and it was scary and I have to admit I kept my eyes closed for most of it. It is a little bit scary.
However in the movie there is a quote that has become my motto for now:
Bad things happen...but we can still live.
May the bad things teach us how to live & love.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Doctors and Doctors and More Doctors

I think that if I would write a book this would be its title. For those of you - who have ever had the opportunity to deal with the medical field more than once and learn of different doctors and know what I am talking about.
I had yet another medical procedure done. This is a repeat from 2009 but due to my car accident had to be redone again. I cringed thinking this is going to hurt. Yep it did like always. I think I am immune to pain to somewhat of a level.
Before my accident....I hate shots, I can't look at needles. When drawing my blood I would turn and look the opposite direction, while holding my breath and almost always coming to the edge of passing out.
Now...go ahead and shot me...Yep I had a finger prick everyday for 4 months. To make sure my blood was clotting correctly. I can look at needles now. Although I won't consider them my friends by any means. Drawing biggie...5 vials on Wednesday to measure my titers and all of the lovely blood transfusions that I had to have. No holding breath here anymore. Just a breeze...Like a lovely walk through Sugar House Park or like the Other Half Marathon...I did in Moab.
Not really good news from the medical procedure, but I kind of knew that in the back of my mind. But still hoping for good news. Guess what another medical procedure tomorrow. I bet that one hurts too.
May we all appreciate the technology of the medical field. May we all see the good that sometimes comes from pain.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Have To Be Kidding Me!

This week has been crazy!!!! I am beginning to think that life is crazier than ever and it is going to stay this way. Getting back into the swing of things and work has been difficult, but I knew and expected that it would!
I have had to endure more medical procedures and I think....well at least it isn't surgery but it still hurts and there is still pain....still more to come.
Now I started driving and I was feeling pretty confident but have to admit I still has PTSD. Guess what someone hit me while I was stopped. Yep, that is right I was completely stopped. This Lady in a Suburban tried to get in the turning lane next to me and went up over the median and took out my side of my Honda Pilot. I was shaking, crying...what luck I have. Luckily some witnesses stopped and gave me the license plate number as she turned and took off. She got caught. Why are we always in a hurry....hmmm I wonder?
Then I was getting ready to drive to St. George when Damon called and said he was in the worst pain in his life. Drove back home, to him to the ER and he had a kidney stone. It was weird having the role reversal. Him the patient, me the care- taker. I hated being in the ER just for the three hours, the sounds, the noise, the smells...everything came back. He is better and I am glad it was just that!
May we all take enjoy the little things and not to always be in a hurry!