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Monday, July 25, 2011

Haa Haa Haa

Damon and I have had one crazy week. We have lots of little projects going on. With me returning back to work it is hard to get everything back into a routine and schedule. Damon loves Shrek. He was very excited to show me mailing labels that he bought. I looked at them and looked at them. I couldn't believe the city name. Haa Haa - I almost pee'd my panties!


Bethany Hopkins said...

These labels still make me laugh!!! :) Gotta love it.

I love the pics. The are GREAT. They captured the two of you perfectly. And they were able to get a picture of Ella, and she actually looks happy to be there. Awesome!

lindsay said...

Love your pictures! You are GORGEOUS Corrine!

A womb for rent said...

Hmmm... Craper UT huh!! ROFLoL!! LOve your new pictures! You two are the cutest! Love and miss you!

Teeny said...

Craper UT you make me laugh! I love the pictures they are very nice.

ThE CrAZy GaTEs! said...

Your family pictures are darling!! So glad thing are getting a little normal, here in good ol Craper Utah!