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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have a dear friend Lori. When Damon and I bought our house, she was the first to come over and introduce herself and she was so nice and welcoming. She had her baby Lilly 3 months before our little Livi was suppose to come. I felt a strong connection to her and her family.
After our accident, bless her heart. She brought us food. Her husband spent many hours working on our yard. She cried with me and held my hand at Livi's funeral and supported me through the darkest and hardest hours of my life.
In February she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I visited her at the hospital. We cried together over scars, body image, pain and everything else that comes from having both survived traumatic surgeries and having to deal with cards that we never thought we would be dealt.
She is my hero. She is beautiful with her bald head. She is beautiful in everywhere from her heart to her smile that lights up the room.
She needs our help. She is a mother of five. Due to all of the medical bills as you can expect she is struggling. She has completed her fifth round of chemo and on August 27th we are going to celebrate and raise money for her.
I know I have a lot of family and friends out there that read my blog. Please keep her in your prayers. If you want to help out on August 27th or have something to donate for her silent auction. - Get a hold of me!!!!
May we all be each other's angels ....any way we can!


Teeny said...

What kinds of things do you need? Are you doing a bake sale or garage sale etc?
Let me know and I will contribute what ever you need!
Love Mom Gourley

Alicia said...

How did the silent auction for Lori go? I hope it went well. I hope my prints made it there on time. :)
- Alicia