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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bagles & Owies

On Sunday we went to the M's for bagels. The M's are a wonderful family that I have known since I was in college and watching their kidlets. The kidlets are all grown up. One is graduating and going to college, one is jamming and doing well with grades and the other is a future olympic hockey player. The parents are awesome and when, I think of heroes....I think of them.

Most people think of heroes as the cape wearing, roadster driving and magicians escaping fire with no injuries. Well these parents one has devoted time and energy and her heart to helping children with disabilities while being a great Mom and the Dad he is an awesome stay at home dad that is concerned with the welfare of the world and the amount of money spent per student here in the state of Utah.

These are heroes.

Now for the owie part - Damon was gently pulling of my sock to show the family my cool pins in my foot and ...guess what, my 4th toe pin came right out... oops. No big deal didn't even hurt. I called the ortho center and tomorrow at 11 I have an appt. because they are concerned about the joints. Oops. Here we go to tomorrow we will see what they say. The pin is really cool. It is long and the bottom is really sharp. I am saving it for my scrapbook. If you want to see it let me know!

May we all see with our hearts who are true heroes are.

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ThE CrAZy GaTEs! said...

on no!! I blame that pin falling out on me!! we made it loose!! hope all goes well love!