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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love Affair

For those who know me well...know that my love for the store IKEA has been a long love affair. It started in Arizona and California and I decorated with IKEA items in my dorm room and received many compliments on all of my stylish decor.

Here is our conversation last night.
Damon: Tell me about the details for your ideas with the downstairs bathroom.
Corrine: (Very excited to report details and that Damon is interested.) A white cabinet in the corner, a new rug of a bright color. A white shelf in which I will add white vases and plastic flowers and of course the nice piece of art that I bought a year ago and still has not been put up yet.
Damon: Vases and Plastic much is this going to cost. Like 200.00.
Corrine: What are you thinking....more like 50.00 with my coupon savings.
Damon: Oh with the plastic flowers and vases sounds like a bathroom that my Grandma would have.

Corrine thinking...Wow your Grandma most have been a stylish woman. What does he think? My decorating style....a Grandma?

Just you wait and see...I am going to take pics of the transformation and you can let me know if it is a Grandma's bathroom!

May we all be excited about new transformations.

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Bethany Hopkins said...

Last night in class part of our discussion was on the difference between men's and women's brains. Men don't tend to visualize things in pictures, they look at things through the logical sid of things. The bathroom with be so cute and fabulous. Once Damon sees it he will like it. You do have a great sense of decorating style.