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Monday, January 24, 2011


My little nephew Kai Bear came to spend the day with his favorite Auntie Re-Re. Kai loves to help me in any way that he can. He loves coming behind me when I am walking with the walker and push my butt down the hallway to the bathroom. He knows a cute booty when he sees one - Oh yeah.

Now I have to enlist the use of my walker and a walking boot to move due to my recent surgery. The boot on my right foot is higher than my left foot and I continue to have my limp in my walk as I did before but it is clearly noticeable.

I went to let Ella out the front door and I hear this stomp stomp noise.

It was Kai he was walking like his Auntie Re-Re left leg fine, right leg a big stomp. It amazes me how much the little ones look up and copy your every move. Even if you are stomping along.

May we all dance to the song in our hearts and stomp along. May we all be aunts that our nephews can be proud of.

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Bethany Hopkins said...

Kai is so cute! He loves his Auntie Re-Re so much that he was still walking like her on the way home from church Sunday. Corrine you are the best. We all look up to you. You are a great example to follow. Love ya TONS!!!