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Friday, January 7, 2011

Roadblocks - literally

This morning we woke up and were ready to hit the I-15 south freeway and shop for Livi's Festival of Tree - that we are going to do this year. We got on the freeway with high hopes that we were going all the stuff on sale - Our 2011 Frazier goal - to be financially savvy this year!

We get on the freeway and it was at a stand still. Literally road block. We were not able to get anywhere fast. I get frustrated fast because it seems like when you want to do things- even good things - you always get roadblocks.

I am sick and tired of roadblocks but realize that they are a fact of life. I try to see to look at it this way. Maybe the roadblock was there because we needed to take a detour!

May we realize that a roadblock may simply be a detour to a better place and a better time or a better experience. May we all survive our roadblocks!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

How are you planning on decorating the tree? Whatever you do will be amazing. It always is.

Sorry we've been MIA. We'd love to see you.