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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brighter Light

Today I was cleaning and came across these poems that were read in the hospital room as I first had the opportunity to hold my Little Livi.

Dear God,
We are the heartbroken,
we have cried so many tears
for our unborn child.
The pain we feel
is so deep and raw that
There are no words to express our sorrow.
Lift our hearts from this sadness,
Comfort us with your love,
We ask for your peace for we have
tried so had to succeed.
Help us to accept that there
is so much we may never understand.
Grant us your guidance
In making a decision
for the next course of action.
Restore our courage
So we can see tomorrow
in a brighter light.

-Ms. Janice Cave -

May all our tomorrows be filled with a brighter light.

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