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Friday, January 14, 2011


The events in Tucson and watching the TV and seeing the medical
helicopter makes me relate to my accident all too much.

It has brought make to remembrance the time I was in the ICU. I remember coming out of my medical induced coma. It is like waking slowly up from a dream. Each day I would wake up a little bit longer. I know what it is like to use all your strenghth to simply open your eyes. I know what it is like to be trapped in a body that you don't even know what happened. I remember trying to do sign language with my mom and sister and having to be restrained because I was getting frustrated with them not understanding what I needed or what I was trying to say.

I remember the breathing tube and how much I hated it. I tried pulling it out numerous times not conscious of how this was saving my life.

I remember how simply hearing Damon's voice would calm be down. I remember the comfort of sweet peace by sleeping and not hearing all the medical equipment go off all the time.

It is said that right after my accident my heart rate was exteremly high and the medical staff could not figure out what to do and gave me medicine to try and lower the rate but nothing was working. Damon then decided to place Livi in the bed next to me. I wish I could remember this but I only have a picture to share this memory. Needless to say my heart rate went down. What a little miracle.

May all the survivors and family members and the families grieving remember that everyone's life is a miracle. May they all find the miracles they need to keep fighting.

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