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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tug of War

Yesterday I used the last of the dog food for Ella and Mazie and dreamt of a beautiful outing as a dog family going to Petco all together to buy dog food.

Ella loves to go in the car and loves to go on rides. Mazie does too. They both usually fall asleep on long car rides and enjoy the time spent in the car.

As a dog mom I had this dream that as a family of four we would have a wonderful time and enjoy each others company all together in a friendly dog store. This was a great idea but this is how it turned out.

Mazie leaped from the car and was doing fine being on a leash until we got through the sliding doors and then decided that she was no longer going to walk and laid there with her leash on. Mazie chose to have a melt down. As a dog mom, I thought "I can handle this". Come on Mazie I thought. This was suppose to be a fun family outing. Many customers came through the sliding door and saw Mazie and laughed. After what seemed like forever the Petco trainer came and put a treat in front of Mazie's nose without letting her eat it to get her to move and then proceeded to do a sales pitch for Mazie coming to dog training class taught of course by her.

Meanwhile my trying to be again financially savvy came in with two coupons for the dog food. I thought that they wouldn't allow me to use both during the same transactions. I had a plan. Damon would go and then I would go to use the coupons. No big deal right.

Well at this time trying to pull Mazie through a tug of war through the store. I realized Damon was in charge of our other dog Ella. Where was Ella? Well Ella decided that she didn't want to stay and hang around while we stood there for hours trying to use our coupons for the best deal with the dog food.

She ate her leash. Yes ate it in half and now she was free to roam and run the Petco with no control.

What turned out to be a bonding family moment turned into a really expensive outing with Ella no requiring a chain leash in order to prevent her from chewing away her freedom. I decided that with Mazie what a tug of war it was - simply to get dog food.

What I learned using coupons is great on dog food only if you don't have to buy a leash that is destruction proof from a dog with razor teeth. In trying to save money we spent more money than expected to ensure Ella's safety.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes events in life can be planned. Sometimes they can't - therefore a tug of war may occur. Take a step back and laugh because sometimes that is all you can do!

Words to Marie : Be open and practice. Practice with "dog children" might help me to become a good human mom.


Jessica said...

I can't take Zoe to Petco. She barks and strains at her leash. But I've never had her chew through one. What a crazy day out!

Bethany Hopkins said...

You are so right. Animal "children" are a good lesson in becoming better human parents. Animal "children" tend to have a mind of their own more then we would like them to, human children are going to be the same way. Isn't it great the lessons we learn from the most unexpecting things. Not always easy, but great nontheless.

Marie said...

Thank you... I am trying to be open. I am still practicing.