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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yep still staple free...

Yesterday I was able to fill in for Sophie and be there to help Corrine and the wound care nurse with Corrine's dressing changes.  Just as we were getting started the doctor came in and was looking at things to see how Corrine is healing.  There was a random steri strip on the middle of Corrine's thigh that we took off thinking that it had come undone from one incision area and had just gotten stuck but it was actually covering another small cut or incision.  When we got looking at it we couldn't believe what we were looking at.  There was a staple.  We had thought Corrine was staple free last week.  So the doctor gets ready to pull out the staple, and what did we was just a scab.  Corrine was so excited to find out it was just a scab.  Staples are not the funnest thing to have pulled.  So Corrine is still staple free.  She is also getting closer to becoming steri strip free as well.   

Corrine contiues to heal well.  She is doing amazing.  It was fun to be there during the day and be able to see Corrine up and moving, getting from the wheel chair to bed. 

It was also fun to be able to be there when Damon got there last night.  They are such a cute couple, still so in love.  Last night I realized how hard this is on both of them to not be able to comfort each other the way most couples would.  There really is no cuddling or being able to hold each other, not even a real hug.  That broke my heart.  But they are so strong.  This could really tear two people apart, but Corrine and Damon have totally pulled together.  From an outsiders point of view, I think this accident has made them stronger as a couple and allowed them to grow even closer then they were before.  You two are amazing.  Thank you for the example you are of how to rely on the Lord and each other to get through this. 

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