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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 11 and 12

Sorry, I tried to post this yesterday but the internet at the rehab center and I were not getting along.  So let me try it again today.

Apparently not much happens on the weekends.  It is pretty slow.  So there wasn't as much PT or OT as I thought there would be.  They do have sacrament services there for those who would like to participate which was nice for Corrine and Damon.  We went up and spent the afternoon with them and were able to celebrate Sophie's, Corrine's sister, birthday with her. 

Monday was a busy day for Corrine.  She had PT twice yesterday and OT once.  Corrine is making progress, she was able to get out of bed and into the wheel chair by herself.  She had to have help getting back into bed because the bed was too high.  They were able to get her a different bed that is going to make it easier for her to be able to get both in and out of the bed by herself.  They also changed the way they are doing her dressings for two of her open wounds.  They have put a wound vac on.  With this they have put a sterile sponge into the wound that is then covered by an adhesive plastic that creates a seal around the wound.  No one is completely sure why this works, but the vaccum suction is able to keep any drainage out of the wound as well as help the tissue to granulate faster, in other words the tissue heals faster. 

The blessings continue to pour in.  Jamie, Sophie's friend, works for Home Depot.  Unknown to us until this week Home Depot has a program were they get vouchers to use for community service.  So Corrine is going to be part of their community service this year.  They are going to provide all the supplies to finish a major portion of Corrine and Damon's basement.  This will allow for Corrine to have a bathroom that will provide for her needs right now as well as a bedroom and a living space.  Jamie thank you for all your hard work on this.  (Jamie if I missed or messed up any of the info please feel free to comment with clarifications). We are also working on getting her a chair lift to help her get  up and down the stairs.  We continue to feel the Lord's blessings pour down upon Corrine and Damon.  One of my favoite LDS hymns is I Stand All Amazed.  I think the words fit perfectly with how we are all feeling right now.  "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me..." 

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Please continue to send them Corrine's direction.  They are working well.


nennermommy said...

WOW! What a amazing program from Home Depot! I defiantly "Stand Amazed" by Corrine! xoxoxo

Khadija said...

Asolmu Alakium

Hello, this is Khadija AKA (Lisa Olson). I have started "Butterflies for Corrine", (Butterfly mood rings $2.00 each). All proceeds will go to the Wells Fargo account under Corrine’s name. Show your support and purchase a Butterfly of Hope for our dear friend. You can pick them up form me at DSPD 1385 S State St. Butterflies are a sign of hope and new Beginnings.

Also if you were interested, some of us would like to have a yard sale to collect money for Corrine and her family. Please call Khadija at 468-0081 or Angie at 468-5011.

Shukran (Thank you) & MashAllah (Thank God)

Chun and Chong said...

you are an amazing woman, corrine. xoxo, ui

Tiff and Kyle said...

If you need help building anything I am free labor. I'm good but I'm a laborer. I can hold dry wall with the best of them and if you tell me where to hammer I can hit the nail on the head.