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Friday, July 9, 2010

July 8 and 9

Corrine has made a couple of huge steps in the last couple of days.  Yesterday Corrine got into a wheel chair for the first time.  She sat in the chair for 2 hours.  

The tiara is definitely well deserved.  Corrine is the queen of recovering.  She is a trooper for sure.  The blue brace on her right foot is to help her get range of motion back in her ankle.  By the end of the day she was already to 90 degrees.  Corrine said it was pretty sore but you have to do what you have to do to get better. 

Today Corrine changed homes.  She no longer resides at the University of Utah.  She is now in the rehab center.  As you can see by the pictures Corrine is doing much better.  But to everyone's dismay, I'm sure, we are still asking that she not get visitors yet.  With all the energy that her body is using to heal and all the energy it takes just to move let alone do her therapy she is exhausted.  Don't let the smile fool you.  Behind those pearly whites and sparkling eyes is one exhausted girl.  When her energy levels are higher we will for sure let you know.  Besides we are not totally sure what the rehab center's policy is just yet.  She is definitely going to need all of you as time goes on so don't you worry there will be time for everyone. 

We have talked a great deal about the miracles we have seen come from this accident.  Corrine in and of herself is a miracle.  And the fact that she is healing so quickly is an even bigger miracle.  The doctors told us that she would be in the hospital for 4-6 weeks before she even got to the rehab center.  She is definitely ahead of schedule.  As we have talked about all this we all attribute her speedy recovery to the faith and prayers in her behalf.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  We know you love Corrine as much as we do and want nothing less then a complete recovery for her.  She will get there with time and a lot of hard work. 


Julie said...

Yey, Corrine! Keep up the hard work- it's paying off!
I know the Lord loves you so much.
We love you, too.
-Garret, Julie, and Syd

Teeny said...

I f any one can do it Corrine can!! I still like seeing the big smile!! : ) Thanks for sharing the picture with us. Tell Corrine that we love her and we are glad she is better in her new home! : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and the blog! I'm so glad I found it today. We've been praying for Corrine and her family everyday and will continue to do so. Corrine you look beautiful; you've always been an example of strength! Love you!
-Rachel Larson