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Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 3 and 4

So I kind of went on vacation over the holiday weekend.  But progress continues.  On the 3rd Corrine was moved out of ICU.  YEAH!!!!!  She is now in a normal room which is much quieter.  The only equipment she is attached to now is an IV and a little bit of oxygen. 

Corrine is now doing more physical therapy.  They have a bar attached to her bed that has an attachment that she is using in therapy to help move and adjust herself in bed.  She has gotten out of bed and into a chair.  She is a very proactive patient.  If you know Corrine at all she doesn't just sit well.  So she is doing everything she can to get better.  Her next goal is to get off the oxygen completely. 

Because she is doing more in trying to get better she is more exhausted. 

Corrine and Damon appreciate all of your love and support.  We all do as a family as well.  If it weren't for the prayers and faith of all of you we truly believe that Corrine would not be healing as fast or as nicely as she is thus far.  The blessings and miracles continue to pour in.  We know that she is also being attended to by her beautiful angel Livi as well as her many other loved ones that have already passed from this world.  This afternoon I was reading Corrine the poem that is in the about me section, and could truly feel her presence.  She is ever present helping and caring for her mom in ways no one else can. 

We know many of you wonder how Corrine is doing so we got a picture of our beautiful princess for you all to see.


Jessica said...

Hurray Corrine! You are doing great! Keep it up.


nennermommy said...

I so love that poem!

I love that picture! You will have to save the crown so we can get some queen of recovery pictures later :)


Hayley said...

Keep up the hard work Corrine, you are amazing! We are still thinking about and praying for you down in St George :)

Anonymous said...

Go Corrine! You are so strong and brave, it amazes me. I'm praying for you every day! -Mira