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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 10

Yesterday was Corrine's first day in the rehab center.  Right now she is not supper excited about being there.  She really just wants to be home.  That is where we would like her too, but until she is able to be up and on her own a little more they won't let her go home.  I think part of it being so hard is because it is a new place with a different way of doing things and she is not quite into a routine yet.  While we were visiting yesterday a lady from Occupational Therapy (OT) came in and gave her a bunch of info on what is going to be going on.  Once tomorrow hits she is going to be busy.  She is going to be having Physical Therapy (PT) twice a day and OT once a day.  It was also a hard day for Corrine because yesterday was the day she was supposed to have the baby shower with Damon's family.  So it was a hard day full of many tears for the loss of her little angel. 


Jessica said...

Such a hard road. I love you Corrine!

Tiff and Kyle said...

I love you so much Corrine! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Dedee said...

Hi Corrine: You are often in our thoughts and prayers. We have a Miss Corrine discussion with Sabine and Fischer regularly, and they want you to know they "really want you to get better!". Please let us know when you are taking visitors, because we would love to come and make you laugh. Great tiara! You look wonderful. Love, Dedee

Teuila said...

You have been a topic of conversation...Ui texted me to see how you were doing and I told her about the blog, but she might have known about that already....I saw Rick Berelle yesterday at church and I asked if he knew anything....when can I come and visit? Hopefully soon, me and Shells want to come over.

Love you girl,

Chun and Chong said...

corny! em'd t this AM and she told me about this blog so here i am eagerly reading about you and hoping that you recover quickly. sent you a card via snail mail, hope it got to utah! many hugs, ui