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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6

Yesterday was a good and hard day all in one.  If you follow this blog regularly you know that Corrine had surgery yesterday.  Everything went just perfect.  She didn't have to have skin grafts, which is what we were all dreading might happen.  So we were all pretty stoked to know they were able to avoid that extra pain for Corrine.  But of course she was the most excited.  If she could have gotten up and danced with excitement I think she would have, but instead she did her best dance of excitement from her bed. 

They also tried to take out the staples that are holding her abdomen together, but her incision isn't healed yet.  She said it was pretty painful to get out the ones they did.  They ended up putting butterfly bandages where they removed the staples and leaving the rest.  They are going to have to call in a specialist to remove the rest of them. 

They are also getting ready to move Corrine to a rehab center.  We are not sure when or where yet.  But it could be anyday now.  We as a family are hoping they will wait until some of her open wounds are healed a little more but we will see what happens.

Corrine is doing pretty well over all as well.  Of course there are the ups and downs, but last night she was helping her brother and I with ideas of how to arrange and decorate the apartment we are moving into.  She is the same cute Corrine we have all grown to love so much. 


cfish77 said...

Hooray for all the progress Corrine is making!

John said...

I am continuing to pray for your recovery. May God wrap His loving arms around that whole process.

John Prim
Pastor of Education and Worship
Southeast Baptist

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear the healing process has begun. We will continue to pray and check on your recovery. God continue to bless and give you strength.
Wendy Fenn

Teeny said...

I am so glad she did not have to have the skin grafts!! : ) Tina and Don Gourley

Anonymous said...

Hey Corrine. Just checking in. glad you are still on the mend.

Tell us when you want visitors and Nancy and I will stop bye. I'd bring Nate but he'd be more interested in the nurses !! :)