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Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 7

We had our first minor set back.  At first we thought it was going to be a huge problem but in the end it was not too big of a deal.  The plus side of it all is that they took out all of the staples in Corrine's abdomen and right leg (there were over 300 of them).  The set back of it was that as time went on during the day part of her abdomenal incision started to open back up.  There was talk at one point of having to take her back into surgery to fix it but in the end they only needed to put steri strips on it.  So the set back was defiately minor.  We did find out yesterday that her right femur fracture was a compound fracture (bone broke through the skin) so her scar and skin repair around her knee is more intense then we thought.  Other wise Corrine is still plugging along.  What an amazing example she is to me of how to fight and move on no matter what cards are dealt to you.  We are not sure when they will be moving her to the Rehab center, but there was talk of moving her today.  I guess it will all depend on if all the doctors clear her to be discharged from the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Corrine, You are amazing!!! For everything that you have been through, I am amazed! I think of you daily and am really saddened by you and your husbands loss. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. She looks like the both of you :) You are doing wonderful and progressing so well. Good luck and keep fighting! Best thoughts, Sara Drage (from SDCH)

Kayla said...

Corrine my dear! You are just so amazing!!!! You are forever strong! I'm so happy you are getting better! You are a true miracle!!!!! Love you so much!!!! Love your cousin, Kayla

Mira said...

Corrine, you are such a fighter! I pray for you every day.

Teeny said...

I am so proud of you looking at the glass half full!! May Our Dear Heavenly Father continue to bless you with the ability to heal. : )
Tina and Don Gourley