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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted for a few days.  I have been going to do a post with pics but it just hasn't happened yet so I thought I should at least get some of the details out. 

Corrine is doing better and better everyday.  She is blowing the doctors out of the water with how fast she is recovering.  Yesterday and today she has had doctors appointments with the different services who are caring for her diffferent wounds.  Yesterday was Orthopedics.  They took out the rest of her staples and stitches, they said everything was looking good.  Today was burn and trauma.  The burn doctor was absolutely amazed at how well Corrine was doing.  They took the stitches out and called it good.  Trauma said pretty much the same thing.  They were kind enough to not take the wound vac off (it was just redone yesterday).  With Sophie there and having just seen it they took her word for it.  Everything is healing nicely. 

Corrine is also getting stronger everyday.  We have all decided by the time she is done with all this she is going to have the muscles of a body builder with all the working out she is doing.  Corrine is doing well with getting herself out of bed and into the wheel chair, but because of some of the breaks in her legs it is harder to get back into bed so if no one is around she is stuck until someone comes back to help her. 

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Doug Goodwin said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Please pass along our love and support!