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Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2

We have been playing musical apartments this weekend, thus the lack of posts.  Corrine is still doing well overall.  Some days are more tiring then others.  Friday for OT Corrine was able to go to Sweet Tomato for lunch.  They were working on how to function in public places with a wheelchair.  She said it was a really interesting experience to say the least.  She found that many public places like resturants are not really handicap accessable.  It also helped her to understand and appreciate those who have to deal with disabilities as a part of their life permanantly.  By the end of the day Corrine was exhausted and it carried over through the weekend.  It is fun to be able to see the things that Corrine can do though it is going to be a little while before her stamina is built up to where she can do all this without being worn out. 

Keep up the hard work Corrine.  We continue to pray for you.

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Jessica said...

That is amazing Corrine! You are a remarkable woman. We love you! We continue to pray for you every night. We will see you soon.