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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Skipbo and King in the Corner

Today during Occupational therapy I played my two favorite games. Skipbo and King in the Corner. They are both forms of Solitaire. It is good to keep the mind active while partaking of the pain medication. I played with my cousin Melissa. She came up to visit with me and spent the day with me because Saturday's are boring and laid back for sure. I enjoy the girl time for sure.

Here is what I have to relate to life and cards.
In the game of Skipbo- if you are the winner you are able to get rid of the piles of cards that you have the quickest. However it is all by chance. In life and especially with me dealing with the cards I have been dealt (the accident) it was all chance. But I relate to the piles of cards as trials. Some are dealt a small hand, others are dealt a bigger hand but in the end we learn from the cards we are dealt and it molds us into the people we are and the perspective and outlook we have on life. I can choose to have this experience destroy me or I can choose to keep my faith and strength and determination and face things head on with a positive outlook, over a situation that I had no control over. I choose to face the "pile of trials" in hopes of becoming a stronger and more resilient woman.

Kings in the Corner - This game is played by allowing the King Card to be placed in the four corners and then the cards go in descending order and color. I learned that I had many "Kings" in my corner helping me through this experience.

My husband Damon - He has been incredible through this and our relationship has become stronger and we are determined to make it through this no matter what. He has been and will continue to be my rock. He has shown to me what unconditional love is and I will forever be amazed at what his love has helped me accomplish.

My Dad - he is the strong and silent type and the "fixer." He is the one that is working on getting the handicap bathroom fixed and he was the one that helped with all of the arrangements for Livi's funeral. He has been my hero behind the scene.

My Brother - he has been the one to assist through humor. Loved the blown-up wedding picture and he has been the sensitive one and the great uncle to our little Livi and has been willing to drop everything and assist in his own way.

My Arizona Father in Law - Willing to fly out at the first word and support my husband through the darkest nights of his life. To be a listening ear and to be sensitive to the relationship of loosing a child all to soon and giving his advice.

My Pleasant Grove Father in Law - Willing to give a blessing of healing, willing to stop by after getting home from a long business trip - "just to say hi." Always having a joke to bring the sunlight of laughter into the room.

May we all think about the cards we are dealt with in life and how they have shaped our lives and made us stronger. May we all recognize the "Kings in our Corner" and express to them our gratitude and love.


Hayley said...

You are AMAZING Corrine! This post gives me chills, your attitude is so admirable. I hope your path to recovery continues to be laced with faith and love.

Jake and Heidi said...

Hi Corrine. I am Sophies freind. I think your perspective is amazing. You are so incredibly strong and it makes me smile whenever I get to hop on here and read your words!

Marie said...

I loved you analogies. I love that you are the author of the blog. I miss you.