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Monday, September 6, 2010


On September 3rd - I made it home. It was a wonderful site to see all the Welcome Home Corrine signs into our subdivision. Everything was covered in pink! We have wonderful neighbors that have been incredible in providing us help. I had butterflies in my stomach - thinking that this was going to be another big adventure in my new journey in life. My journey outside of the hospital.

Butterflies have been a theme that has connected us to our sweet Livi.

1. The first pink butterfly came with the sweet neighbors in the ward that came and decorated the hospital room with vinyl decor. The butterfly was directly in my sight from my bed and the decorations - made me feel happy!

2. The second butterflies came from my dear family members A. Tam, Uncle Tom and Kayla and Melissa. They had given to us a wind chime that needed to be fixed. They decided that they were going to take it home and fix it. But A. Tam and U. Tom both picked out two different butterfly chimes that were the same butterflies. They were the first decor that I heard coming home. The sweet, gentle sound made coming home delightful.

3. The third butterflies came from the beautiful frame that "Nana" made that held Livi's picture at the funeral service.

I did some research on butterflies and the meaning and this is what I found.

Greek Mythology- reports that Butterflies are the souls of those who have died.
Russians also believe that the root word for butterfly is the soul.
Mexicans believe that when butterflies migrate that they are souls returning to their families.
Christians believe that a butterfly is symbolic of the spiritual evolution we go through.
Butterflies symbolize change.

We decided that we liked these ideas and we placed a tiny butterfly on Livi's headstone to help us remember the times butterflies have come to us, during this difficult trial. "Fly, Fly - little one."

May we all remember "the butterflies" we have in our lives.


Marie said...

That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Jessica said...

We have a butterfly on Elizabeth's headstone for similar reasons. I never see a butterfly without thinking of her. Now I will think of Livi too.

We love you! We are thrilled that you are home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Corn! There is another butterfly you may not know of. Lisa Olsen at DSPD has been making and has sold Butterflies to earn money for you while you were in the hospital. I don't think either of you knew how important butterflies were going to be to you. How Ironic that Lisa would choose butterflies. I am so glad your home. I have missed you and think about you often.


denielleandshawn said...

That is so sweet. I love reading your comments, they are so uplifting, and remind us to love, and embrace the simple things in life, which is what matters. Hope you have a wonderful week, and hope you are getting adjusted back at home. see you soon!

Kim said...

Hey Corn Freezer,
WELCOME HOME!!! I am so happy that you are home now. A couple coordinators want to come visit you one day at home. No pressure, just when you are up for it. Get in touch with me and we can coordinate it.


uilanic said...

touching entry, corn. glad your homecoming was so memorable. hugs to you...

Tanya said...

We're so glad you're home! That was such a sweet and touching post. Butterflies are a beautiful thing and a wonderful reminder of your lovely Livi.

We'd love to bring dinner out to guys, let us know when that would work for you. It can be a couple days from now or a couple of weeks or months from now. Our offer doesn't expire! I'm sure your ward is taking great care of you two and we don't want to overlap or overwhelm you with too many visits.

We're glad you're able to enjoy your own space again.

Anonymous said...

Corrine I am so glad you took over your own blog! Thanks for helping the rest of us cope with the minor challenges we face! You are my shero! I pray the Lord to continue to bless you with the health and strength you need to fully recover!! In time pieces of your heart will mend. Trust in our Savior to find this healing that can eventually come little by little. Love Tina Gourley

Janae said...

Hey Corrine You are amazing. I so enjoy reading the things you are able to add to the blog now. What great insights you share. We are so happy you are home and making progress on this journey you never would have chosen to take. We love you and Damon and think of you often. Have a wonderful day! Love Janae and Dave, Alex and Natalia