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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday my sister Sophie & I went to the scrap booking expo. It was a much needed escape from the walls of my home. I have become very bored, because you see I am a person that likes to be on the go, go and go.

While we were there, a song came on the radio that we played at Livi's funeral. I would like to think that she was there with us as we were having a good time being together as sisters. We have a saying that goes like this, "what happens with the Hopkins sisters, stays with the Hopkins sisters."

My sister Sophie dropped everything when she heard that I was in the horrific accident. She packed a go bag and ran to the LAX airport with her little son Kai- 10 months old and flew to SLC on the last flight available that day. She came to the hospital and was by my side since June 24th.

* She held my hand as the 500 plus stables and stitches were removed from my body.
* She held my hand as the torture of getting my wound care completed. I have never had such extreme pain in my life.
* She held my heart - as she cried with me numerous times as I simply talked about Livi and wanting to me a Mom.
* She held my heart - as she cried with me on the day we honored our sweet Livi.

My sister dropped everything in her life and decided that she needed to be there for me during this trial and moved with her family back to Utah.

She has been my nurse, aide, therapist, counselor, wound specialist, taxi-cab driver, receptionist, fashion designer, hair dresser, cheerleader, housekeeper, my best friend.

"God knew I loved you too much to be your friend, so he made you my sister."

Words can't express the gratitude I have towards my sister. She is a wonderfully person who has made it through her own trials to become a wonderful strong Mom. I can't believe she is a Mom but she is the best Mom - patient and loving and a wonderful teacher to Kai. I look up to her in so many ways and I am simply in awe of family relationships. I am grateful that I have her as my sister and all that she has done for me during this time. I love you sis!

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Jessica said...

Sophie is a wonderful sister! I'm glad you have each other.