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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"It Happened"

Today my Mom brought to me Livi's medical bracelet, her blanket she was wrapped in and her tiny foot prints and her death certificate.

Being at home has given me more time to "ponder and think"about everything that has happened to me. I have begun asking my families for the details of the accident. I feel like I have been surrounded in fog - because the surgeries and the time I spent in the ICU, for the life of me I do not remember. I believe that this is a blessing. I continue to ask what surgeries I had and in what order because, I feel like I am living in a puzzle with pieces of my life that were scattered and I have to put back in place.

I remember everything about the accident, with clear detail and I continue to have panic episodes when driving. One thing that I remember was during my time at Health South Rehabilitation Hospital that I was having a very difficult, night and a nurse comforted me my simply saying, "Corrine you are looking at the situation incorrectly. There is nothing you can do to take it back or to not make it happen. You should think of it simply, "It Happened."

It happened this huge event in my life, I feel like from the beginning that I chose to be a survivor.

I choose to survive.

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Bethany Hopkins said...

Corrine you are a survivor. And one tough cookie as well. Know that even though it may not be as visible as I would like you have a cheerleader in your corner here. You are such a great example of faith and strength. I love you!!!