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Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday was a great quiet time spent with my family in a small city with all the yummy food and company to place a smile into my heart. I am grateful to be alive. Not many people can say that you have had a second chance at life and that your life was saved. Hopefully to continue on a mission in this life to help uplift those around me. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for a cute, funny husband that keeps me laughing when I want to give up and hide.

I dedicate this funny blog to my sister Sophie Lofie and My Grandma Mary Lou. I hope you get lots of laughs and that you can add to your list as well.

1.If God had a fridge he would put your picture on it with a very cute magnet.
2.If God had a computer he would put your picture on it for a screen saver and a personalized mouse pad.
3. If God had a Visa Card he would download your picture and smile every time he used it.
4. If God had a car - he would personalize it with your name on the license plate.
5. If God had a restaurant he would name the most exquisite menu item after you.

May we all remember our Thanksgiving's in our lives and remember that God laughs too!

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