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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometime answers come through others. I think that one of the purposes in this life is to search for answers. Sometimes the answers we receive are to help others on the path of this sometimes crazy life.
One of the answers that came to be in a round about way was all of the people that I have met due to the car accident. There were so many people that open up their hearts and touched my life in a way that I never thought was possible. Who knew that I would find a friend that share my interest in having "dog children" or a champion horse rider that would get me back up on the "saddle of life" in walking! Or a RN nurse that flew with me in the Air Med helicopter and "flew" right into my heart with the challenges that she has overcome as well.

Sometimes the answers never become resolved. Possible they never will. I think that these are the most heart -wrenching and the most difficult for me.

In watching Marie Osmond this week it hit me and it hit me hard. (Yes when doing crafts galore I have Oprah on in the background!) She said, "If we live in the "what if's" - we stop living."

May we recognize answers and may we all live.