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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today my sister Sophie and I spent what felt like an eternity at the orthopedic center at the University of Utah hospital. Here is the news.... my foot probably had breaks in it, that were not seen on any of the x-rays because they were small. They grew together in the wrong placement therefore making me walk on the right side of my right ankle. You may wonder - wow how do they correct something like this? Tomorrow bright and early I am going to get a CAT scan of my foot and then most likely bring on surgery number 12. Yep that is right more surgery.

If you do not laugh than you cry.

Tonight I had the experience of going to out to eat with a dear friend K that I met at Health South. She had to come back to Utah and go to surgery. It was great to see both of us out of our wheelchairs. Here is to transportation Mark, the nurses, PT & OT and the best Chinese Food! Good luck and thanks for visiting.
May we all laugh.


nennermommy said...

Oh I am hungry now and Red Robin sound yummy at 7 am :-P

Mira said...

Oh no, not another surgery! I'm so sorry. I need your phone number lady! Will you e-mail it to me? I'd love to come visit you.