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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wish Right Now

I have come addicted to the song that has this lyric, "If airplanes were like shooting stars....I could really use a wish right now...wish right now."

There would be many things that I would wish for....

I would wish that I would have stayed 5 minutes longer at the client's house I was at before I left to drive down the dreaded road.

I would wish that I could have placed the crystal chandelier in the "pink nursery."

I wish that instead of snow - we would have falling sun rays.

I wish that tears could build a stairway to heaven.

I wish tears could be diamonds and then I would be a millionaire triple billionaire and I would give money to anyone that needed it (for a good cause.)

I wish others wouldn't say, "I understand."

I wish that things wouldn't hurt as bad.

I wish no one would judge and accept everyone...not matter what.

I wish that we could see each other as our Heavenly Father sees us... imperfections make us who we are.

I wish everyone could find that someone to love.

I remember one summer I was at girls camp and it was a star theme camp that year. I remember going on a night hike and laying underneath the stars. I think that it the quiet, meditation of the cool wind and the dark starlight night - I felt as close as I could to God. I felt like out of the millions of stars that he knew who I was and that he was looking down. It was a very spiritual event to me and I am glad that it happened in nature because I believe that in nature and in the quiet your heart opens up the most.

I came across this quote, "Perhaps they are not stars in the skies but rather openings where our loved ones shine down on us."

"If airplanes were like shooting stars...I could really use a wish right now."

May we all wish.


denielleandshawn said...

Hey Love,
Have you heard this quote? "An agel with the book of Life, wrote down my baby's birth and whispered as she closed the book, too beautiful for earth."

Times get tough, and time can heal. Remember to stay the course, and keep your eternal perspective. Heavenly Father and Levi are counting on you. You can do it! They are both so proud of you and Damon as so are we. We love you babe!

Your neighbor,

Shelley M said...

Hey friend, thanks for sharing some of your wishes. Love you. Let's craft again soon because I have so many great ideas. Ha ha ha

denielleandshawn said...

I saw this and thought of you. Check it out. it's good. Love ya!

Opprorer said...

Thank you for sharing your insights. - Tim and Tanya