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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing Pains

I haven't blogged for awhile because life has been hard. Between doctor's visits and my physical therapy I have been tired and worn- out. Not to mention that me and the cold weather do not get along. The cold weather makes my bones ache and hurt and I feel like I am in junior high with growing pains. I have started taking a arthritis medication and we will see how this helps.

Speaking of growing pains - today was Damon's Birthday. As I looked forward to being a Mom, I also looked forward to this being our first family celebration as a little family of three. I tried to make it a good birthday for Damon, but it has been extremely hard. The past 4 months have been nothing but growing pains in a variety of ways for us.

Today at Damon's family's house a dear friend shared a story about the "cracked pot" - you can read it on this website :

I needed this today as much as we celebrate Damon's birthday there is a huge empty spot in my heart. But this story made me realize that because we all have times in our lives that our "pots crack" it is because of these flaws that makes us the most beautiful and allows us to be stronger and we all need to realize this and try to stay positive when the hard times hit.

May we all be grateful for our flaws.


Jessica said...

I appreciated the cracked pot story. I am feeling pretty cracked lately.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry about your aches and pains (including those confined to your heart). Bethany tells me you are making a heroic recovery. She says you are amazing. Of course we already knew that.

Happy Birthday Damon!

Doug Goodwin said...

Corrine, I'm so sorry for all you are going through. The first anniversaries of everything you had planned are so very hard. I hope you know how much we love and care about you and Damon.

I felt terrible that I couldn't do much more than send Damon a happy birthday text. My church calling kept me at the building almost 11 hours yesterday.

You are so amazingly strong. I love hearing Bethany tell us how amazing you are, how you are doing better than they expect you to be doing.

Anonymous said...

Blessed are the cracked, for they are the ones that let in the light.

The Wrights said...

Sure love you Corrine! Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit with us all! Continue to be strong through all your "growing pains". We love you!

Marie said...

I love your cracks. I am using anti-aging syrum for mine.