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Friday, June 17, 2011

Catching Up

Catching up: There has been much activity since the last blog - I blogged.
Mother's day: Extremely hard very hard. I received a nice card from some dear friends in the neighborhood and they talked about how I was a Mom even though little Livi wasn't here with me.
My Birthday: Hard again. People would ask. How is your birthday going. My response, couldn't be any worse than last year. Couldn't be worse right! I think my birthday's are going to be a little bit difficult because it is close to Memorial Day.
Memorial Day: Visited Livi's grave. That was hard. I feel very blessed who took out time from their lives to go and visit there, it meant a lot to me. I was touched. Simply touched. One her headstone it states, "Many wait a life time to see an angel, we held ours in our arms."
We did.
May we be gentle to ourselves through the hard times. May the hard times be short.

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Jessica said...

I always wish I had a magic wand. I'm sorry it is so tough. It isn't fair. May through July are always difficult for us. I'm sure it is and will be even more so for you. We love you guys. We love little Livi. Send up a flare and we'll come running.