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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Little Liam came into this world screaming and kicking and ready to eat. Such a boy! He weighed 7 lbs and was 18 1/2 inches long. He is so cute. I can't stop holding him. He giggles and coos and he is very fussy if he isn't tucked into his blanket. I guess I would be fussy if I wasn't tucked in either right? He is a great combo of his Dad and his Mom. He has his Mom's lips and probably her eyes and he has his Dad's nose. He has very long fingers and toes.
Babies bring Heaven close. Babies are miracles.

Heaven came close when I received two Beautiful art pieces on the same day Liam came as a remembrance of our dear little Livi. They are so beautiful and when I saw them I cried. Heart String connections to friends are Miracles.

I cried.....
I cried when I entered the hospital room of a dear friend L. that is recovering from surgery. All too familiar you are so tired but you keep your eyes open. The pain medications make you itch. You get dizzy - easily... But the one thing that surgery can't ever remove from you is.....
You Are...beautiful, strong, believer, survivor, beautiful mother and wife, light, hope and faith.
You ARE....L.a miracle.

A tiny little miracle came as I was driving back from the hospital and I thought to myself....are the sounds coming from my new car....really marbles that are stuck somewhere and always slide when I turn. Very annoying. Annoying. It sounds like marbles going up and down the dash board. Getting out of the car, I realized not marbles in the dashboards but screws in the side door pockets. All eight of them. Yeah no need for dashboard diagnostics!!!!

May we see the big and small miracles that happen each and everyday.

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adorton said...

try the miracle blanket. It is the best blanket to swaddle babies in. I am pretty sure that is the website.