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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Tonight my "sista" and Kai Bear went to a Fireside and the topic was "beauty" by Stephanie Nielson who was a plane crash survivor. Little Kai bear was bouncing all over the place so Sophie and I found a room that had a speaker to listen to what she had to say.

To say the least it was beautiful. She is a survivor and I related to her in so many ways. I think for those of us that have had near death experiences and trials that endure physical and emotional pain there is a connection to others and empathy that opens one's heart to understanding that no one else might be able to relate to.

Latley I have been really struggling with body image. There is not a part of my body from my toes to my chest that does not carry a "scar" from the accident. I joke with Damon that my cutest body part are only my left toes because they have glitter toes on them.

Tonight I realized that really "beauty" is only skin deep. That real beauty comes from the smile within your heart and the attitude you take in loving life and what life brings your way.

May we all try to see the true "beauty" that lies inside of each of us.


Bethany Hopkins said...

I bet that was an amazing fireside. I am glad you were able to go. To me your scars show your true strength. You have endured a lot more then most people could handle. You are amazing and will always be beautiful no matter how many scars your body carries. I love ya tons girl.

ThE CrAZy GaTEs! said...

I have a thank you card I've been meaning to give you, but because I don't own any, I have not delivered it. SO please accept this as a thank you card, I know, I am such a sad excuse for a lady-
Thank you so much for the yummy valentine's cookies. they were sooo yummy, and being an avid crafter, I could really appreciate all the work that went into them, And being an avid eater, I could definitely appreiate how yummy they were. Thank you for all you do. I love you so much and am so grateful to be your neighbor. I am truly blessed to know you.

Your biggest fan
Lazy Denielle

Jake and Heidi said...

you are beautiful. You and sophie both left me after visiting with such a great feeling for a few days! You have a beautiful presence and you and sophie are wonderful people!e

Angela BL said...

Hi Corrine, it's your former coworker Angela Barrett-Locker. Its good to know you are on the mend and you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I know we didn't know each other really well but I always enjoyed talking with you because you always so funny. I was thinking about the "corn freezer" story for some reason and it was making me giggle, so I had to google your name to see how you are. Take care of yourself and I hope we run into each other again some day :)