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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Story of June 24, 2010

Most of you have heard what happened but we wanted to make sure the details are straight.

At 11:00 am yesterday morning while Corrine was making visits for work she was hit in a head on collision.  The man who hit her crossed 5 lanes of traffic on 700 E before Corrine and Livi were hit.  They were pinned in the car for an hour and a half before they were able to get them out and life flighted to the hospital.  Corrine was strong the entire time.  She was awake and talking to all the emergency personnel while they were working to get her rescued from the car.  She has overall been very awake and alert through all that has gone on since.

Corrine suffered multiple injuries as a part of the accident.  Both of her femurs were broken in multiple places and one of her ankles was broken in multiple places.  She also suffered many internal injuries.  Her lungs are bruised, she has a lacerated diaphragm, kidney and spleen.  She also suffered a ruptured uterus.  Because of the force of the collision Livi did not survive.  But in the process of getting Corrine out of the car Livi saved her mom's life.  Livi was able to keep pressure on all Corrine's organs so that she didn't bleed out.  Corrine was taken into emergency surgery as soon as she was brought to the hospital.  At that time they repaired her uterus and stabilized her ankle and one of her femurs.  They spent most of the night making sure she stayed stable and getting more details, she had many x-rays and a cat scan.   She was also giving a lot of blood. 

This morning the Orthopedic surgeons were given the go ahead by the general surgeons to take Corrine back to surgery to repair both of her femurs and her ankle.  They put rods and pins everywhere.  When the surgeon came in to tell us how things went he was very optimistic about how things went.  He said everything was aligned well.  He was concerned that her ankle will bother her in the future because of the severity of the injury and he said that she may have some problems with her knees that will have to be taken care of later.  But he was not worried about those problems at this time.  They are things that can definitely be taken care of later.  After she came back from surgery they changed her central so that it was in a more accessible area.

Corrine is a fighter...tired but doing well at this stage of the game.

2 comments: said...

We will surely pray for her and your family at this. I will put your Families names in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in the moring. Marie told us and she sends her Love for all.
Tina Gourley and Marie Gourley

Amanda said...

We will pray for you and your family, please let us know if we can do anything for you guys. God bless you!
-Amanda Bitner and Bitner Family