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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 29 Updates

Sorry I didn't get the updates of the day posted last night. 

Corrine is doing and looking so much better each time we see her.  With her off the ventilator now she is doing well given the circumstances.  She is of course really weak and sore.  But they were able to sit her up a little bit yesterday.  That was really nice to see.  Corrine is still on oxygen.  If she takes her mask off at all her vitals start to go haywire.  So she is still having a bit of a hard time breathing.  But she was cracking jokes and trying to keep the air lite. 

They also brought baby Livi back in for Corrine to see her.  They were able to take a few pictures of the two of them without all the tubes down her throat. 

The road is still going to be long and hard.  I know that prayers are continuously being said in behalf of the entire family, but I would ask that you especially continue to pray for Damon and Corrine as they struggle through this hard and emotional time. 


CC Sampson said...

You are such wonderful, strong people. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Colt and CC Sampson

Jenn said...

Hi Cousin.....
Just thinking about you often, Nice to read on the blog that you are doing much better and even cracking jokes! :) I love you
Jenn Chidester