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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It was over a year in the making.  As soon as I was transferred to my Rehab hospital and we were planning our sweet little Livi's funeral, I immediately thought of the Festival of Trees.  I did an internship at PCMC and also have had many clients and families use their services and I thought it would be a tender way of honoring her and her life and giving back to other children, to keep her memory alive. 

Results: A beautiful tree that was amazing beyond my dreams.  It took sweat, time and lots of hard work and many late hours to put on the glitter, glam and tuelle for the little tree.  I had lots of family that helped from my hubby, to brothers to dad and cousin - who drove the crazy truck down the crazy mountain.  To my Mom, sister in law and the young woman and dear friends.  It made a dream come true.  My art director: I like to call her - asked if Livi would be proud, I say...Yes. Yes. Yes.

Heart Warming:  All of the etsy artisans who opened their hearts and created beautiful masterpieces to give the final touch of miracles and pieces of their heart and heaven to put the softness need to celebrate Livi.  To know that their is still kindness in the world and that people do give of their time and talents.

Livi...there is a tree in your honor that is a butterfly garden donate to other little kids that are needing a Guardian angel to help them on their journey.

May we all have embrace each other and...lift everyone up around us.



I can't wait to see Livi's tree. Love you.

Erin said...

What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your sweet girl. I know that Livi is proud of you regardless, but you are such an inspiration, Corrine. She must be looking at you and your family and smiling.

ChristianFineArt said...

I can't wait to see pictures! It sounds absolutely beautiful!