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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shower of Love

Today my dearest and closest friends gathered together to eat yummy food and to see Baby Grayson. They have been there with me through being a freshman in College - to a wonderful trip to Honduras for my Minor in Spanish, from dating boys- to marriages and now babies. Our circle is complete with M- having her boy in December!
My friends have shared with me the heartache of Livi's death and the miracle of happiness with Grayson. The one thread that we share together is how we have grown stronger through the experiences that life has brought to all of us.
When I was looking for pictures for Livi's tree, I came across these beautiful pictures that showed Jesus holding a little baby. I have never had anything touch me as much as these pictures.
These pictures to me remind me of a different type of shower of Love.
Please check out ChristianFineArt on
I am so excited to have these pictures for Livi's tree.
These would make great awesome Christmas gifts or any special kind of gift.
May we all shower each other with love.


Natalie said...

Love you! And let me know how I can help with the tree.

A said...

Little did we know at that first sorority mtg what the next decade and a half would bring; I'm just so grateful we're all still part of each other.
Love you Corrine!

Teri said...

That picture is lovely. I shared it with some friends who have lost their own little ones. You are an amazing woman.

ChristianFineArt said...

Dear Corrine,
Thanks for posting this! It's an honor to be part of Livi's tree!
God bless!
-Alicia Rawlins