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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I haven't blogged much. Life is still happening. Life still goes on. I feel like I am in torn in many different directions. My life my whole entire life changed after the accident even including now what I like to listen to on the radio, what I watch on TV. It is amazing how in one second my life changed forever ..... for ever. In three months it will be a year since the accident, but I live with it every day of my life like it was today. Little reminders of how I wobble when I walk and probably always will. How family members have to get home to put their kids to sleep and how I have an empty nursery, with no baby needing to go to sleep.

Somethings never get easier. Somethings I think will never get easier. It is still fresh. It is still raw. I am doing better at putting on a happy face, but come to realize I might never really have a happy heart.

One thing that does make me happy is the pictures that our wonderful photographer Jen Holt took when I wasn't even out of coma to have pictures of our Livi to bring us such peace and such happiness and comfort.

Another thing that made me happy was meeting Barb Smith with channel 4. She is an amazing woman with a very sensitive heart and a wonderful reporter.

May we all find reasons to live.

Unborn child saves her mother's life and give reason to live


Tanya said...

Corrine, thank you sharing this. I'm glad people can hear about your story. I'm so sorry for all the pain, we love you a lot and are thinking about you far more often than we let you know. Sorry we haven't been good about keeping in touch.

Doug Goodwin said...

Corrine, I hope you know how much we love you and care for you and Damon. I can certainly speak from our experience that it will ALWAYS be with you. Yes, once you pass the first year and all those holidays, events, and other things you had planned have come and gone once it does get easier. And there will always be moments that bring you right back. As you know, Joseph had to be in the NICU. He was healthy and we knew he would come home, but it was extraordinarily difficult - because it bought back such memories of Elizabeth. Please know our thoughts are with you. We are terrible about calling and visiting, but we think of you and Damon often.

All our love.

Marie said...


You are so brave and amazing. I loved your hair in the news clip. The color and style is very cute. I always impressed with you and Damon's inner strength and faith that sees you through your trials.

I love you,

Teeny said...

I so wish they had had this when out Ben was a still birth. Everyone thought I should just get over it and move on but there was such a hole in my heart at his loss. Then to lose the twins six months later was almost more than I could bear. I wish we had pictures to make it real that he existed. Because Don didn't want to face a funeral we didn't have that closure. I am so glad you have these pictures and had a funeral. I love you both so much. I pray the Lord to give you the peace that passeth all understanding. I promise it will come.