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Friday, September 14, 2012

CutterPillar Pro....isn't that so cute?

It has been a while, since I have blogged.  Life is simply busy.  However, I continue to craft and LoVe it.  With the scrapbooking expo on its brings be great memories of how I came home from the rehab hospital and my little sister and I decided to venture out on our own, in my new transporation the wheelchair.  It was Septemeber and we went to the Scrapbook expo.  Nothing was handicap accesible....nothing.... However it gave me a new appreciation of being in a wheelchair and now I try to help anyone that needs assistance as much as possible...  Enough about that. 

I totally got Christmas in September.  I went to pick up on of my little Beehive girls, LoVe my little Beehive girls!  Her Dad asked if I blogged and crafted.  What???  Two of my most favorite things in the to Damon and Little G and chocolate of course.

He let me try a brand new crafter mikjigger thing that I absolutely love.  It is called the CutterPillar Pro.  It is everything you need in one thing!  It is a paper cutter with lazer lights so I know I am actually cutting the paper right on target!!! It has a sharp paper cutter,that actually becomes sharper as you cut never needing replacment  - Believe me I tried it out... I was simply that excited.  It has a built in need for my five billon others taking up space in my craft room.  This thing rocks.... it rocks my little craft room. 

It is going to be at the scrapbook expo.  However here is the coolest thing...since I blog and facebook, I am in a contest to see if any of my family, friends or followers want this awesome Caterpillar pro, for the Friends and Family discount. 

Believe me you will love it.  It would be a great gift for the Holidays coming up!!!! Best of all you could bring it to my house with mine and we could have a crafters night.  Which I am still in the process of trying to put together.  Once I can get everything organized.

You can facebook me or leave a message on my blog ....I am really excited to share this!!!!

Thank You ...Brian  for my new CutterPillar Pro... It made my week.  Here is to crafting getting ready for the Holidays!!!!

May we all take time for ourselves and do a little crafting...I do say!


Chris and Shianne said...

i need to see it for sure!! i may be interested!! love me some crafts, just if there were more time in the day!

Bethany Hopkins said...

I want...I want... Do you think it would cut fabric as well? Oh my brain is already running with the things I could do. Or really it would be a good excuse to come visit and borrow yours.