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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have always loved this movie.  If you haven't seen it.  Today was my "PAY IT FORWARD" day.  This morning I had the lovely experience...yes experience...of obtaining a Social Security Card for my little guy at the Social Security Office in SLC.  Going throught the metal detection, waiting for 40 minutes when I arrived right at 9 am when they opened, and having to pay for parking...always an experience.

I left realizing I still had an hour that I paid for.  I waited for the next car to pull into the parking lot and gave them my ticket and told them they have an hour for free.  The lady was kind and asked if I wanted money in return.  I told her, "nope just pay it forward." 

I then went to get my Inspection and Emissions completed on my car.  Please don't report me. I tucked my mail reminder in my box of bills and oops forgot it expired and have been driving with expired registration.  I am sure no one has ever had this experience right?!

When I arrived, another lady was clearly upset.  She reported she bought her car this week, but did not have it checked out from a mechanic and it had thousand of dollars that needed repair.  She was clearly upset.  She reported that why can't people be honest.  How simple is "PAYING IT FORWARD."  I wish too that more people could be honest.

I went to lunch with friends.  In walked four fire-fighters.  I once had a meal paid for that I was not able to thank the person that paid for my meal.  However it made a lasting impression on me and my husband that this simple act of kindness....really was unexpected and sweet.

I asked the manager if I could pay for their meals.  Mind you this was not La Calle.  I could afford it on my Social Work Budget.  I asked to remain anonymous because I did not want to distrub their lunch.  If I could "PAY IT FORWARD" for every meal for the firefighter, paramedics. police officers that I come in contact with... for the rest of my life.  It would never be enough.  I feel a heart connection to these heroes for saving my life.

 However they told on me.  The fire-fighters walked over to our table and talked to me. 

I asked if they knew the firefighter that was first on the scene of my accident.  He was there right after I came to and saw the destruction of my car.  There was glass all over.  I remember spinning feeling like I was spinning but knowing my car was spinning.  I remember not being able to reach for my cell phone.  I remember calling out-loud, "please help me....I need help."  I think it was more of a prayer then calling out.  He came my firefighter.  He will always hold a special place in my heart.  We are getting you help.  Help is here.  Stay still.  Do not move your head.  I am in the car with you.  You are not alone.  I'm going to hold your neck still, to make sure you don't get hurt okay.  I am going to stay with you. 

Unless you have been to the edge of a cliff, to the edge of darkness...where you feel completely alone.  Completely aware that there is nothing physically, mentally or emotionally you can do to save you and your unborn do not know what it is like to realize you have a 600 pound engine lying in your lap, and you can't feel your legs and you are barely do not know what it is like to be driving and one second later....your world has crashed.  I felt so alone.  This feeling of loneliness....I do not want to ever feel again. 

But there he was simply reminding me to breathe.  Simply reminding me that help is on its way.
How do I, PAY IT FORWARD?" - Simply with a little note torn out of my small red - creative journal I carry with me, in my silver lightning purse.

- Dear ... Thank You for  being there for me when I felt so alone....Thank You for holding my neck and reminding me to breathe.  Thank You for Saving My Life.

I hope by this simple note...he knows how much I appreciate him "PAYING IT FORWARD"
For the late nights...he might have left his family.  For the hours of training. For the low level of pay.  For working in the heat for working overtime and long hours.  For having to wear those horrible heavy sweaty uniforms...  He saved a life...Mine.

May we all "PAY IT FORWARD"  and in some a life.


Pamper with Polish said...

Thank you for sharing this. Paying it forward is so important and yet I forget to do it all the time. I needed this reminder. Corrine, we need to hang out! I miss you!


Sam, Sarah, Ian and Conner Fedderson said...

Loved it tears and all! You are so inspiring to me and may we all PAY IT FORWARD! <3