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Thursday, September 1, 2011


So now that little Grayson has joined our family, Damon has seemed to have forgotten we have two dogs to take care of. One night coming home I found Mazie on our front porch and it appeared that she had been there for a long time because she was sitting on the steps sound asleep in front of our front door. Then tonight we had some neighbors stop by to come and visit Grayson. I remember asking Damon, "Have you seen Mazie?" He said, oh yeah she is in the house. Then I fell asleep to take a nap, those are needed right now...more than ever. Our neighbors came to the door and said, "I think Mazie...has been outside for a while." Yep, more like hours. I feel so bad. I am a horrible dog mom. We have now decided that I will be in charge of letting the dogs out to make sure that they all come home. At least we live on a quiet street!
It is kind of crazy right now.
May we all remember our pets, if we let them bring them in!
Mazie is the gray and white puppy we adopted from a dear friend. Dear friend if you read this please know we are still good dog parents!!!


Deanna said...

You make me laugh as I know what is was like once upon a time ago. You will be great at being both a mom to Greyson and your dogs as you are an amazing person. :-)

Anna Lankford said...

Seriously people have brought Scout to our door a handful of times...I have totally done the same thing! Too many things to think about at once. We are so excited for you, congratulations again!